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Hoke, right, with his brother, Howard, who also served in WWI. (Patricia Munson-Siter/Library of Congress) Hoke, 25, was a veteran who had served on the Mexican border in 1916. He had been honorably discharged and had reenlisted after the United States entered the war. A native of Spaulding, Iowa, he was assigned to recruit local Iowa men for what became Company M of the Armys 168th Infantry Regiment. By mid-1918, he and his men already had been through a lot, he recalled in a tape recording he made on April 12, 1971, that is now part of the Veterans History Project at the Library of Congress. (A similar recording made by his wife also resides with the project.) Often, the soldiers would talk about what they would do when they got home, all kinds of silly things, Hoke said. He planned to go to the local drugstore and have a thick pineapple malt as soon as he got back. One sculptor pictures doughboy, a man he had recruited from Atlantic, Iowa, said he figured he would be wounded, lose a leg, and meet his comrades at the train station. Ill get back home before you guys, he told his buddies. Hed have a hollow artificial leg, fill it with whiskey, and pass it around so all the boys could have a drink. As Hoke rested in the farmhouse that day, German artillery had zeroed in on the trees where his comrades were eating. They threw a salvo of shells into this woods, he said.

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